How to Master the Art of Asking Questions

How to Master the Art of Asking Questions

Dan Sullivan has a quote that says, “The question is the one form of thought that always actively leads us out of the past and into a bigger future.”  Even so, many of us still shy away from asking questions, despite the inherent value in them. Why is that?  Experts suggest three explanations:  Some people […]

Consumer Habits Have Changed. Here’s How to Grow With Them

Consumer Habits Have Changed

The great Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “Change is the only constant in life.” Similarly, John C. Maxwell has said, Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”  What the past year-and-a-half has shown us is that consumer shopping habits can be changed or forced to change at the drop of a hat and as a business, […]

5 Quick-Fire Ways to Power Up Your Productivity

5 Quick-Fire Ways to Power Up Your Productivity

How would you rate your current level of productivity on a 1–10 scale? If you’re not quite happy with your answer and looking  for a productivity boost, try these 5 tips: 1. Create a productivity playlist. Much research shows that different types of music can alter your mood and productivity.   Elizabeth Margulis’s book, On Repeat, […]

4 Signs You’re Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

Signs You’re Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

There is no single formula to creating the best possible “you”. However, your ability to create the best version of yourself starts at the same source: from within yourself. Here are 4 signs you’re on the right track:   1. You take responsibility for all that is yours — regardless of whose fault it may be. Author Hal […]

4 Tips For Coping With Lockdown Stress

Coping With Lockdown Stress

For many of us, the latest lockdown has been harder to deal with than the previous ones. Psychologists are reporting a rise in people experiencing the symptoms of sustained stress, including problems with sleep and concentration. However, what are some of the things we can do to build happiness and resilience during these times? 1. […]

3 Proven Strategies to Eliminate Distractions and Find Focus

Eliminate Distractions and Find Focus

Distractions are the biggest enemy that will rob you of your time and your ability to fulfill your potential. So, how can you take back control of your time and attention?  Here are three strategies for overcoming distractions and finding focus. 1. Give yourself three main priorities each day. Business author James C. Collins once […]

Here’s How Collaboration Strengthens Your Leadership

How Collaboration Strengthens Your Leadership

People talk about relationships being the key to business all the time. They say that who you know is more important than what you know. However, why is that?  This article gives three reasons.   The more connections you have, the more people you can help. “You can have everything in life you want, if you […]

3 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt as an Entrepreneur

Overcome Self-Doubt as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be one of the most difficult jobs. In tough times, all the responsibility falls onto you. Under these circumstances, it’s easy to turn to self-doubt and begin looking for an exit.  However, how can you stay the course and overcome self-doubt as an entrepreneur? 1. Remember Why You Started You started your business […]

If You Want Strong Business Relationships, Don’t Make These 2 Mistakes

Strong Business Relationships,

Even if you’re massively talented or highly knowledgeable, your relationships are going to be one of your greatest assets in business. Of course, the famous saying goes: “It’s not about what you know, but who you know.”  If you really want to succeed as a leader, be mindful of these common mistakes in building and […]

4 Clever Ways to Get More Work Done in Less Time

Get More Work Done in Less Time

If you’re of tired of working long hours, being exhausted and still feeling like you’re not really achieving a lot, try these 4 ideas:  1. Plan Your Day the Night Before Motivational Speaker Jim Rohn has a brilliant quote that says: “Never begin the day until it’s finished on paper.” When you’re trying to get […]