Finding the right Small Business Consultant

Aaron Day - The3rdGear

Finding the right small business consultant is really about finding the best system. With the right system you can take any viable business and acheive measurable results.

We know that every business is different, and every business owner has different priorities, but we also know there’s a key set of managemenet fundamentals that apply to every business.

When you think about what causes the most stress and disruption in a business. It’s usually not the things that relate to your business’s area of service or expertise. Most people don’t need experts in what they’re already experts in, makes sense right?

It’s usually the other stuff like Sales, Marketing, Finances, Staff, Strategy and all those other things that need to happen just so your busines can do what it does… That’s the stuff that usually gets in the way.

So we’ve created a unique, universal system that zeroes in on the core elements that drive any and every business.

From Stonemasons to Accounting practices we’re consistently able to help business owners and managers achieve huge increases in profitablility, efficiency and ease of management.

Whether your wanting to prepare your busniness for ‘hands-off management’, Scale, or Sale – The3rdgear system can help.

Your business should be one of your greatest assets, but it’s also pretty likely it will be one of your biggest challenges too.

I also know it’s hard to find good help. That’s why my team and I have invested years of research and development to create a system that actually delivers what business owners need.

Just look at our results and you’ll see that we’ve built one of the most effective small business management systems there is. Our project success rates are unmatched in the small business coaching and consulting industry.

Having been in business for myself most of my working life, I know how challenging business can be. I’ve personally built and sold 2 of my own businesses and have been a small business consultant for 18 years across just about every business and industry type.

I’ve also graduated from Business School and am a published author on business management (you can check out my first book here).

With this experience behind me there’s a lot that I’ve learned and some of it would be considered a little controversial.

For starters, I believe mainstream business education is missing the mark, and so is the small business coaching and consulting industry as a whole. There is still a way to go in the thinking and processes of how to manage a business, especially a small business. When I studied at business school I was attending the top business school in the country, but I was stunned by the lack of real answers about how a business should be run.

Then there’s my experience as the number one Business Coach in one of the countries largest Business Coaching organisations. In 2002 I was awarded their National Business Coach of the Year, and then went on to become the right-hand-man to the founder of that organisation. I soon realised there were big gaps in their business coaching model, but when I approached the founder with my ideas he wasn’t interested.

I started to become frustrated seeing clients gain temporary wins, only to revert back to their old ways after we’d left.

Over time I started to see a pattern of missing links recurring in every business I worked with. This then became the foundation for my thinking about a new way to manage and a new way to work with business owners to create big results and implement easy-to-use, permanent management systems.

Today this model is The3rdgears Business Engineering model. Since its launch 4 years ago we’ve achieved amazing results. We’re achieving outcomes for clients much faster and with much less effort than the traditional approaches, and it’s a lot more fun!

Then there’s our secret weapon, a unique patented (yes, it actually has a registerd patent number) software platform that ensures your business is always performing at its best. It’s unlike any software system you’ve seen before, because we built it from scratch, knowing that it would fill the gaps left by the traditional approaches of small business consultants. And it does.

As you’ll see on our Values and Culture page we don’t follow the crowd, we’re setting the standard.

You’ll also have a very hard time trying to find another small business consultancy that has a track record as strong as ours. It’s proof that our system works, and it will work for you.

I’ve been deliberate in building The3rdgear system to be easy, affordable and effective for small businesses. Most of our projects so far have paid for themselves several times over, before they were even completed. So you can rest assured that if you decide to work with us you’re making a good investment in your business and your future.

Our approach is also very staff-friendly. We work with your team and get them involved. It’s a lot of fun, and staff love having the opportunity to improve the business. It’s quite normal to see noticable improvements in your team culture within the first weeks of a new project.

Although we do have a small team I make a point of personally leading every project to ensure we deliver the promises we’ve made to our clients. This can mean that some clients have to wait to begin a project with us, but I make a point of ensuring we always stick to agreed start times if this is the case.

I also enjoy just talking to business owners; they’re my kind of people.

So please feel free to call us on 1300 794 838 and ask to speak to me directly.

I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Best Regards,

Aaron Day

Managing Director




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