Unlock Your Business Potential


Your business potential can only be realised when you have the right answers to the right questions.

There’s no value in having all the answers if you’ve been asking the wrong questions.

At The3rdgear we know what the right questions are, and we’ve developed a completely unique patented and proven system to answer those questions for you and your business.

No other business consultancy has access to The3rdgears’ unique, proven, powerful systems.

There are so many factors involved in creating a top performing business that no ‘one size fits all approach is going to work. The3rdgear is a specialised small business consultancy with over 18 years of success.

You and your business are unique, so it’s important that we take the time to understand what your priorities are. In fact we don’t charge anything for an initial chat so feel free to call us now to find out if The3rgdear is the right solution. 1300 794 838

But if you’re still wondering how we might be able to help, here are the top services that are currently getting the best results for our clients:

  • Providing you with our unique patented business management software system that keeps everything in your business running smoothly and makes it easy to manage
  • Creating Marketing Plans that can turn your business into a Brand with real value
  • Providing our unique Strategic Planning approach that has produced dozens of market dominating businesses
  • Systemising every area of your business to make it fully scalable
  • Creating plans and structures for succession and/or sale of your business
  • Redesigning business processes to streamline operations, reduce waste, improve efficiency, increase profits, and just make it a nicer place to work
  • Creating staff performance management systems that get employees motivated and focused on delivering the outcomes that matter
  • Creating really simple, user friendly training systems that improve quality, increase the output and value of every employee, and seriously reduce the negative impacts of staff turnover
  • Developing management and reporting systems that give business owners and managers super tight control over all the key areas that contribute to business performance
  • Chairing Boards of Management to maintain focus, bring the latest business ideas and keep your business on-track
  • Creating Personal Plans that enhance every area of your life – not just the business side


Give us a call to find out How We Can Help You Unlock Your Business Potential


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