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The3rdgears marketing system delivers consistent, measurable results to small businesses – time after time

Are you tired of marketing hype and jargon from so-called ‘marketing experts’

We are, that’s why we’ve created a simple, practical and results focused marketing system for small and medium sized businesses.

We build practical, affordable marketing plans that make sense for SME’s.

The3rdgear are marketing consultants with a difference – Our 3 step marketing system is an effective process that’s been tested and proven to work consistently accross all business and industry types. We believe marketing consultants should be able to produce measureable outcomes, and that’s exactly what the3rdgear system can do for you.

Our results speak for themselves:

  • 2K Container Services – Quadrupled their turnover and went from 6 to 7 figure annual turnover in 14 months
  • GB Electrical – doubled their turnover in 18months
  • Harmony Stone – Doubled their turnover in 12 months
  • Chriss Group – went from owning 2 supermarkets to owning 4 supermarkets in 2 years
  • Marquis Bathroom Products – went from regional distribution to national business in 18 months
  • Rustic Touch – achieved record business turnover in 18 months after 25 years of operation

…and these are just a few of our more recent clients’ results

PLUS…We do more than just the planning.

The3rdgears marketing consultants can work with you to:

  • Create Websites
  • Design Logos
  • Improve your Search Engine Optimisation
  • Create and manage online Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Create your Social Media Presence
  • Implement your Social Media Strategy

The3rgdear will help you create an action based marketing plan that will outline specific business growth activities.

We then work with your business to define its’ core Marketing Pillars. These are the key straetgies for creating consistent and scalable sales opportunities. We’ll show you how to maximise your return on those assets and how to systematically monitor and develop them.

Then we’ll give you access to our proprietary Marketing Management System where you’ll be able to monitor and manage the development of the key profit drivers in your business.

The result – a customised Marketing System for your business that gives you more ability to predict and control your new business Pipeline.


Our service goes beyond just getting your marketing right. We also work with our clients to create winning Sales Systems to help ensure your enquiries convert into $$$

Imagine if you could ‘switch on’ new business enquiries whenever you wanted to, and that those enquiries could then be effectively converted into Sales.

This puts you in the position where you can begin to accurately predict new business growth and start focusing on the big picture.

Call us now to transform your marketing and sales processes for permanent results.

Speak to The3rdgears’ marketing consultants today.

Let’s start the process and get your business moving in the right direction.

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