Start-up and Micro Business Programs

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Start-up and micro business owners now have access to proven business growth systems with two of The3rdgears’ specialised Programs

Program 1 – The3rdgears’ Mastermind Program

The3rdgears’ Mastermind Program is a unique business collaboration program for start-ups and small business owners with big ambitions.

The Mastermind Program is a space to share business goals, increase business success, improve your skills and knowledge and make connections with other local businesses in a fun and collaborative environment.

With access to The3rdgears’ unique small business management app you can track your progress while making business management easier and more enjoyable.

Each Mastermind group is guided by one of The3rdgears’ specialist small business consultants to accelerate their business quickly, easily and affordably.

The Mastermind Program provides an opportunity to collaborate and brainstorm with fellow business owners to discuss challenges and successes, share knowledge and create growth for your business.

The3rdgears’ Mastermind Program will help your business with:

  • Accelerating the achievement of your personal and business objectives
  • Setting clear goals
  • Marketing planning
  • Boosting your sales
  • Finance management
  • Streamlining your day to day operations to handle growth


How It Works

The3rdgear will help you find the right fit into a small and successful team of like-minded business people with a range of skills ensuring the group is diverse in its knowledge, creativity and problem solving ability.

Each Mastermind group will meets regularly to develop their plans and action steps, discuss ideas, implement their solutions, share their challenges and their wins.

You will also receive regular, one-on-one sessions with your consultant from The3rdgear focusing on you and your business to build personalised, winning strategies that create business success.

As a unique feature of The3rdgears’ Mastermind Program, groups will work on a specially designed 90-day planning formula, as well as utilising The3rdgears’ business management app to track their progress and results. This combination ensures you stay motivated and keeps you in control of your business goals.


Being part of a facilitated Mastermind group, boosted by The3rdgear’s business management software will improve your business performance as well as:

  • Grow a network of likeminded business owners
  • Generate referral opportunities
  • Use The3rdgears unique 90-day planning format to achieve rapid progress towards your business and personal goals
  • Give you access to marketing services such as website building, graphic design, copywriting and social media management
  • Deliver the benefits of participating in regular facilitated group and one-on-one sessions to keep your business planning and operations focused and on track

Program 2 – The3rdgears’ Start-up and Micro Business Planning System

Similar to the Mastermind Program but with a more intense focus. The3rdgears’ Start-up Business Planning System offers a more customised solution for entrepreneurs, including assistance in the development of Business Models, Sales and Marketing Systems, Operational systems, Business Management Systems, Staff Performance Systems and Strategic Planning.

Based on your needs we can quickly workout the best approach to getting your small business moving forward.

Check out one of our recent case studies here.

Who Should Apply

The3rdgear’s Mastermind Program and Start-up Business Planning System have been specially designed for ambitious start-ups, micro businesses and small business people.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get measurable outcomes while having fun and building your business network, The3rdgears’ Start-up and Micro Business Programs are a unique and unmissable opportunity.

If you would like to apply or for more information, contact The3rdgear.


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