Here’s How Billionaire Jeff Bezos Makes Effective Decisions

Each decision whether big or small has an impact. Of course, nothing happens in isolation. With every decision comes a consequence. Thus, every decision matters. So, how do you make a good one? According, Jeff Bezos, Billionaire, and CEO of Amazon, there are 4 things to consider when making a good business decision. Here’s what […]

The 8-Hour Workday Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past. Here’s Why

The results just came in, Microsoft Japan recently experimented with a 4-Day Workweek. They gave 2,300 employees three-day weekends for five weeks straight, and what happened? There was a 40 percent increase in productivity during August 2019 compared to August 2018. There was 59 percent fewer pages printed and 23 percent less electricity used during […]

The Fundamentals of Leadership

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Regardless of industry, experience, and role, after our 20+ years of field study at The3rdgear we determined that the best leaders all follow similar fundamental practices of leadership. We’ve learned that it takes more than being highly skilled in your field – it takes empathy, creativity, communication, and passion. Being a good leader is actually […]

Push Your Ego Aside to Manage Better and Improve Staff Performance

Push Your Ego Aside to Manage Better and Lower Staff Turnover

So you’re the boss, everyone should just do what you say right?! ‘It’s a matter of respect’ is the classic line heard several times from not-so-effective business managers. Two recent cases come to mind: A successful automotive repairer and tyre shop owner with multiples stores – He’s been in business for over 10 years but […]

How to Connect through Conflict

Improve Conflict - Work relationships

Conflict, especially in the workplace, is tough. As much as we know that communication is key, the success lies in how we communicate through this conflict. A heated debate, discussion, or argument involves feelings – both logical and illogical. It goes without saying that someone may be left hurt by what is said, confused by […]