According to Neuroscience, Confidence is Contagious. Here’s Why

Man with confidence jumping off a pier while a group of people watch

It’s a scientifically-proven that entrepreneurs are generally more self-confident than the average individual. In fact, it’s usual to the point that they’re considered overconfident. However, this does not have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can actually be completely positive. Self-confidence allows entrepreneurs to visualize success while having difficulty to visualize failure. Thus, […]

Here’s How Billionaire Jeff Bezos Makes Effective Decisions

Each decision whether big or small has an impact. Of course, nothing happens in isolation. With every decision comes a consequence. Thus, every decision matters. So, how do you make a good one? According, Jeff Bezos, Billionaire, and CEO of Amazon, there are 4 things to consider when making a good business decision. Here’s what […]

The 8-Hour Workday Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past. Here’s Why

The results just came in, Microsoft Japan recently experimented with a 4-Day Workweek. They gave 2,300 employees three-day weekends for five weeks straight, and what happened? There was a 40 percent increase in productivity during August 2019 compared to August 2018. There was 59 percent fewer pages printed and 23 percent less electricity used during […]

Three Tips to Working When You’re Not in the Mood

Let’s face it, finding motivation can be tough. Sometimes we have no desire or drive to work through our task or project so we distract ourselves or simply walk away. The more you push away, the harder it is to achieve your goal so the best thing to do is to push on working even […]

Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important qualities for both personal and professional growth. It is the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions including those around them. Emotional Intelligence is comprised of self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation, and motivation. In Daniel Goleman’s book Working with Emotional Intelligence, he claims that EQ accounts for 67% […]

10 Secrets to Be More Ambitious

10 Secrets to Be More Ambitious

  Ambitious people have a strong determination to succeed in anything they desire. Their ambition fuels their motivation and they almost never give up. While this is a personality trait, it can easily be adopted by those who are unambitious. You can create it within yourself with these secret tips. Do what makes you happy […]