4 Digital Marketing Basics Every Business Should Be Doing

Founder and CEO of The Level Agency, Thomas Donohoe, recently wrote a fantastic book titled, The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook. In that, he stresses that many businesses are overcomplicating and overspending on their marketing while ignoring some very simple and effective basics. This article quickly goes over what he calls the “Core Four” that every […]

Making Happiness a Priority at Work

With so much technology, it is easy to get lost in the basic human desires and needs that drive success in the workplace. Therefore, many organisations are investing in technological ways to connect their employees, but many are finding this to be a struggle because nothing connects people better than simple happiness. People all over […]

How to Beat Procrastination

How to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination might not be your fault, but it is something we should all seek to improve. According to a study at Ruhr-University Bochum, your brain says a lot about you and your tendency to procrastinate. After scanning the brains of over 250 people, it concluded that those with poor action control had larger amygdalas. These […]

Top 3 Work Perks in Demand

Top 3 Work Perks in Demand

With the boosted awareness of mental health and well-being, employees’ demands have been shifting over the past few years. A high salary is not the only attraction to a job or career path and employers should be aware of what employees are demanding to keep staff happy and motivated. From America to Australia, many organisations […]

Declutter Your Workplace with the 5S Japanese Principles

Have you ever noticed how you feel around clutter or in a messy place? Whether it be at home or at work, clutter can cause anxiety and hinder our productivity. The more things you have on your desk, floor, or countertop, the more your attention is taken away from what is important. With the recent […]

The Sign You’re Meant to be a Leader

The Signs You're Meant to be a Leader

  Move over tough cold leaders, there’s another personality that is proving to be more successful when it comes to leading others – the kind caring leader.   Tough leaders tend to believe that growth comes from struggles and therefore normally put pressure on their employees. This does more harm than good – it creates […]

One Study Discovered What Makes Employees Happier

One Study Discovered What Makes Employees Happier

Happier employees drive loyalty and success to your organisation so it’s vital to keep them smiling. There are many ways to make your employees happy, but one large study by four economic professors (three Canadian, one Korean) analysing 38,000 employed adults discovered that it actually boils down to the relationship between employee and supervisor. Questions […]

Increase Productivity and Collaboration Through Your Office Design

Increase Productivity and Collaboration in Your Office

Nowadays the ‘office’ whether it be conventional or shared, can vary from private to open plan and requires careful consideration in the initial stages of development. Studies have proven that workplace design and layout play a vital part in workplace performance and productivity. Most companies are moving towards an open plan, which you’d think would […]