According to Neuroscience, Confidence is Contagious. Here’s Why

Man with confidence jumping off a pier while a group of people watch

It’s a scientifically-proven that entrepreneurs are generally more self-confident than the average individual. In fact, it’s usual to the point that they’re considered overconfident. However, this does not have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can actually be completely positive. Self-confidence allows entrepreneurs to visualize success while having difficulty to visualize failure. Thus, […]

Here’s How Billionaire Jeff Bezos Makes Effective Decisions

Each decision whether big or small has an impact. Of course, nothing happens in isolation. With every decision comes a consequence. Thus, every decision matters. So, how do you make a good one? According, Jeff Bezos, Billionaire, and CEO of Amazon, there are 4 things to consider when making a good business decision. Here’s what […]

4 Digital Marketing Basics Every Business Should Be Doing

Founder and CEO of The Level Agency, Thomas Donohoe, recently wrote a fantastic book titled, The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook. In that, he stresses that many businesses are overcomplicating and overspending on their marketing while ignoring some very simple and effective basics. This article quickly goes over what he calls the “Core Four” that every […]

The 8-Hour Workday Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past. Here’s Why

The results just came in, Microsoft Japan recently experimented with a 4-Day Workweek. They gave 2,300 employees three-day weekends for five weeks straight, and what happened? There was a 40 percent increase in productivity during August 2019 compared to August 2018. There was 59 percent fewer pages printed and 23 percent less electricity used during […]

Three Tips to Working When You’re Not in the Mood

Let’s face it, finding motivation can be tough. Sometimes we have no desire or drive to work through our task or project so we distract ourselves or simply walk away. The more you push away, the harder it is to achieve your goal so the best thing to do is to push on working even […]

Making Happiness a Priority at Work

With so much technology, it is easy to get lost in the basic human desires and needs that drive success in the workplace. Therefore, many organisations are investing in technological ways to connect their employees, but many are finding this to be a struggle because nothing connects people better than simple happiness. People all over […]

The Most Successful People are not the Most Talented

There is a world of smart talented individuals, but not every single one is successful. Nor are the richest people the smartest, most talented in the world. Research can back this up. A study at the University of Catania determined that while all successful people share traits such as intelligent, hard working, talented, and skilled […]

5 Truths About Great Leadership

5 Truths About Great Leadership

Great leaders always leave an impression – they make you feel just as great. Leadership is not a matter of IQ and leading with the brain, but more of EQ and leading with the heart.  It’s not something that comes naturally for many leaders and they struggle to make the switch from brain to heart. […]

5 Habits to Adopt for Success

5 Habits to Adopt for Success

Behind every CEO and every successful entrepreneur is a secret to their success. They begin their day with purpose and follow a routine to ensure they are both productive and consistent. Creating a daily routine does take discipline, but to each their own – you can do whatever works best for you as long as […]

11 Questions to Ask Yourself to Build a Meaningful Life

Questions to Ask Yourself to Build a Meaningful Life

There will come a time decades in the future when you reflect upon your life’s story – you should be able to tell a story that makes you proud. Your life is what you (and only you) make of it.  Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, titled a speech at Princeton University ‘We are What we […]