Does Your Business Run The Way It Should?

Is it systemised For Profitability, Efficiency, And Ease Of Management?

Our business consultants use powerful processes and patented management software to boost your business performance quickly, easily and affordably. We have one of the strongest track records for building winning strategies and easy-to-use management systems that permanently improve profitability, efficiency and overall business performance.



Spend Your Time Doing What Matters – Not ‘Putting Out Fires’

  • Turn your business into a finely tuned machine
  • Get your staff performing properly
  • Create Marketing Strategies that get real results
  • Permanently systemise and automate your key operations

Discover the TOP TEN Reasons Why The3rdgear
is the Smart Choice for Savvy Small Business Owners

Find out why The3rdGear is important for your business


Systemise Your Business™

Imagine if there was one place where you could benefit from the most effective, proven, and easy to implement business improvement systems available. This is The3rdgear. We permanently improve performance, productivity and profits in small and medium sized businesses.

Do you feel that your business

  • Has more growth and potential in it?
  • Could use better systems and processes?
  • Could produce greater profits?
  • Needs a business consultant on your team?

Take control of your business now, with The3rdgear system!

We have helped hundreds of businesses to improve their performance, improve their operations, improve their staff, improve their profit and have the business they have always dreamed of.

We are specialist small business consultants with over 17 years of success and an unmatched track record in creating winning strategies, maximising staff performance, and streamlining business operations to make all the key areas of your business function in harmony, so they perform like a perfectly tuned race winning engine.

We have unique, patented small business software designed just for small business managers, with a management dashboard that gives you confidence and control over your business like never before.

We also provide marketing and branding services with expert level knowledge in online marketing, social media and strategy.

Our work is guaranteed and we have an unmatched client satisfaction rate. Just check out the recent results below and you’ll see that we are not your average small business consultants and business coaches.

Best of all, we put the fun back into business and give you the freedom and leverage you’ve been looking for.

Take Control of Your Business Now with The3rdgear system! We’ve created a unique 3 step business consulting process that works hand in hand with our patented software that is guaranteed to grow your business.

  • Stage#1 – Diagnose: Where you can improve.
  • Stage#2 – Re-Engineer: Implement the changes.
  • Stage#3 – Performance: Manage key aspects.

Our proprietary software will analyse your business in 16 key performance areas in less than 90 minutes. We then apply our unique patented performance improvement systems using our Simple 3 Step Process to Transform Your Business into a Finely Tuned Revenue Generating Machine.

You can easily start to improve your business and maximise profits today.

Business doesn’t have to be so difficult. All it takes is the right strategy and the right systems in each key area of your Marketing, Sales, Operations and Staff Management. The problem is that until now no-one really knew how to do that properly.

This is why The3rdgear is different. We recognised that the traditional approaches aren’t getting the results business owners want. So we set out to reinvent small business consulting. We’ve invested years of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars into creating a completely unique business consulting system that will systemise and transform your small business.

You don’t want the ‘idea of the minute’ or a cookie-cutter solution from a franchisee, you want a proven, affordable, customised solution that will permanently lock-in your ideal business operating systems.

You want marketing and sales systems that compliment your administration and operational processes. You want a system that gets your staff motivated and performing properly. You want a system that is easy to manage and that frees you to run your business the way you want to run your business.

This is The3rdgear System.

We make it easy to get your business performing. Our service is affordable, flexible, down to earth and friendly. We don’t speak ‘consultant talk’ and we pride ourselves on delivering what we promise.

Call us on 1300 794 838 for a no obligation chat about how we can help you Unlock Your Business Potential.

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