The3rdgear Story

Our Story

My intention here is to give you an understanding of why The3rdgear exists, about our story, our values and how we managed to create something so different and so effective for small business owners.

My fascination with business started during my early to mid-teens, as I observed two influential people in my life achieve very different results in business, and in their own lives. One was very successful in the retail sector. His designer furniture business was sold for millions of dollars in the 1990’s and still survives to this day with stores in three Australian capital cities. The other person who influenced me had inherited an existing successful business, but in his case I had to watch him continually struggle, making mistake after mistake for several years until eventually he was forced to shut the business down.
Teams Skills

It was the combination of these two personalities, their stories, and my personal experiences of them that founded the seed of my passion for small business.

Even before I left high school I’d started reading business books and listening to sales and motivational tapes. To me, back then, the idea of Business was exciting and challenging. There was something about the type of character you had to develop to succeed in business that had real appeal to me, and I saw the potential for great success… if done well.

Now, having been in business for myself most of my working life, I know how challenging business can be. I’ve personally built and sold 2 of my own businesses and have been a small business consultant now for more than 20 years across just about every business and industry type.

I’ve also graduated from Business School and am a published author on business management (Yes, it was an actual published book, with a real publisher and all. You can check it out here).

With this experience behind me there’s a lot that I’ve learned and some of it would be considered a little controversial.

For starters, I believe mainstream business education is missing the mark, and so is the small business coaching and consulting industry as a whole.

When I studied at business school I was attending the top business school in the country, but I was stunned by the lack of real answers about how a business should be run.

Then there’s my experience as the number one Business Coach in one of the country’s largest Business Coaching organisations. Back in 2002 I was awarded their National Business Coach of the Year, and then went on to become the right-hand-man to the founder of that organisation. I soon realised there were big gaps in their business coaching model, but when I approached the founder with my ideas he wasn’t interested.

I started to become frustrated seeing clients gain temporary wins, only to revert back to their old ways after we’d finished our projects.

Over time I started to see a pattern of missing links recurring in every business I worked with. This then became the foundation for my thinking about a new way to manage and a new way to work with business owners to create real results and permanent solutions.

Today this model is The3rdgears Business Engineering model. Since its launch in 2010 we’ve achieved some amazing results. We’re achieving outcomes for clients much faster and with much less effort than the traditional approaches, and it’s a lot more fun!

As you’ll see on our Values and Culture page we don’t follow the crowd, we’re setting the standard.

You’ll also have a very hard time trying to find another business consulting system that has a track record as strong as ours. It’s proof that our system works.

I’ve been deliberate in building The3rdgear system to be easy, affordable and effective for small businesses. Most of our completed projects so far have paid for themselves several times over, (often even before they’re completed). So you can rest assured that if you decide to work with us you’re making a good investment in your business and your future.

For staff intensive businesses our approach is also very staff-friendly. We work with your team and get them involved. It’s a lot of fun, and teams enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to improving the business. It’s quite normal to see noticeable improvements in morale and team culture as a result of our projects.

As you can probably tell, I also enjoy just talking to business owners; they’re my kind of people.

So please feel free to call us on 1300 794 838 and ask to speak to me directly.

My team and I are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Aaron Day
Managing Director