Branding in Today’s World

Social media has affected how people think, act, and simply live so it’s no surprise that it has changed marketing and branding. Back in the day, a catchy jingle or character was all it took to capture an audience, while today it takes millions of people to form a...

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5 Tricks to Make the Most of Your Meetings

Internal meetings are vital for any organisation, but they can cost quite a lot especially when employees have to travel to be there. With that being said, they should be engaging to keep everyone’s attention and they should be productive so that everything on your...

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How to Ensure a Great Company Culture

A great company culture runs so much deeper than perks and good times. Sure, a fun caring team and flexible working hours are great and appreciated, but it’s just not enough to keep some of the best employees. For a great culture to truly be great, it must have...

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6 Things to Say to Give Praise to a Colleague

When someone in your organisation does a good job, it should be acknowledged with a little praise and appreciation. Saying ‘good job’ doesn’t really count though - it’s something, but will it motivate the acknowledged person to continue doing a good job or will it...

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How to Control Your Emotions During Conflict

Conflict and difficult conversations are never easy, especially when it comes to controlling our emotions. Our body’s natural response to a tense moment triggers chaos within our nervous system - our muscles tighten, our heart rate spikes, and we breathe faster and...

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5 Details to Include in a Job Ad

Writing a job ad is fairly simple, but you can easily attract the wrong people if it isn’t written correctly. Candidates are pickier these days with so many options available to them that they factor in everything from location to perks.  The following are key details...

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How to Resist Distractions at Work

Do you often feel like you haven’t gotten any work done after a full day at your desk? If your day involves various tasks, multiple phone checks, and just doing a lot of the wrong tasks - you’re probably struggling with distraction and reactivity. If you occasionally...

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Making Happiness a Priority at Work

With so much technology, it is easy to get lost in the basic human desires and needs that drive success in the workplace. Therefore, many organisations are investing in technological ways to connect their employees, but many are finding this to be a struggle because...

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How Conflict Can Be Productive

So many of us shy away from conflict, especially when it comes to work related issues with colleagues, and most reasons why are valid and fair. Let’s face it, conflict can be ugly. It takes a change of perception and a bit of strategy, but conflict can also be a...

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