Nunchi: The Korean Art of Owning The Room

‘Nunchi’ translates to English as ‘eye measure’ and, according to Euny Hong, author of the book, The Power of Nunchi: the Korean Secret to Happiness and Success, it describes ‘the subtle art of gauging other people’s thoughts and feelings in order to build trust,...

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How to Keep Your Cool During Heated Meetings

As a leader, it’s not always easy to keep your cool during meetings. Sometimes, you end up saying something that other people don’t like. You get feedback that says you’re wrong or that you're not doing your job properly And in times like these, it can easily feel...

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Branding in Today’s World

Social media has affected how people think, act, and simply live so it’s no surprise that it has changed marketing and branding. Back in the day, a catchy jingle or character was all it took to capture an audience, while today it takes millions of people to form a...

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5 Tricks to Make the Most of Your Meetings

Internal meetings are vital for any organisation, but they can cost quite a lot especially when employees have to travel to be there. With that being said, they should be engaging to keep everyone’s attention and they should be productive so that everything on your...

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How to Ensure a Great Company Culture

A great company culture runs so much deeper than perks and good times. Sure, a fun caring team and flexible working hours are great and appreciated, but it’s just not enough to keep some of the best employees. For a great culture to truly be great, it must have...

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6 Things to Say to Give Praise to a Colleague

When someone in your organisation does a good job, it should be acknowledged with a little praise and appreciation. Saying ‘good job’ doesn’t really count though - it’s something, but will it motivate the acknowledged person to continue doing a good job or will it...

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