We’re much more confident with the future of our business, our relationship as business partners has been enhanced along with the quality of our lifestyle. Our staff are happier and more focused and we’re all excited about the future.

Tony Turner

Director , Rustic Touch

We had reached a critical point in our business where a major change in direction was needed. Sales were declining and we had to rethink our offering. The3rdGears business consulting provided the objectivity and sound strategic direction we needed to re-evaluate our positioning. They also gave us a plan and worked with us to implement organisation-wide changes which have put us on a more profitable path.

Phillip Gray

General Manager, Marquis Bathroom Products

Working with The3rdgear certainly made a contribution to the business’s growth and direction at the time. The combination of their business consulting service and the systems we implemented from the project gave our whole team a good foundation to move forward with, and the Executive Development program helped our people grow as individuals and to work better as a team.

Dorry Kordahi

Managing Director, DKM, BRW Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2010 BRW Top 100 Rich Lister

When we started our project we had two stores which required our constant attention. Today we have five stores operating profitably. We’ve developed and implemented strategies and staff management systems that have allowed us to remain profitable and competitive despite the pressures of major chains encroaching on our territories. We’ve also created an internal management framework that allows the stores to run under management without the need for our involvement in the day to day activities. As owners of the business we now have more free time, which means we are able make better strategic decisions.

Like many family businesses, we were making decisions based on family relationships rather than on what was best for the business. The3rdGears business consulting gave us the clarity and unity of direction we needed to put aside personal goals and to develop and action a strategic plan that we all agreed on. As a result, our business has grown significantly and there is much less of the friction that can come from working with family members.

Andrew Chriss

Managing Director, The Chriss Group

As a result of The3rdgears’ business consulting we have a clear organisational structure with clarity and accountability for every position. Morale has improved due to the increased clarity. Many of our day to day processes have been improved and systemised and the business now has clarity of leadership and direction moving into the future.

It’s so much better a place to work now. Everyone is happy, there’s no tension in the air, and we all look forward to coming to work. It’s great. I haven’t been this happy at work in years.

Chriss Fogg

Managing Director, Port Stephens Coaches

I’m so happy! I was really frustrated and quite miserable before this happened, but now I’m just really happy with everything. The business is going really well, I’m making good money, I have a good team and it’s still growing. I’ve been on 3 overseas holidays this year and everything is still running nicely, it’s just great. Thank you for everything.

Ritchie Hayward

Managing Director, Harmony Stone

Now, after implementing a lot of the solutions they identified as being necessary to improve the business The3rdgears business consulting has delivered noticeable improvements in many areas. In the Sales and Marketing area we have reduced costs and saved time through improved paperwork and systems resulting in fewer errors, improved communication, better product and happier customers.

All the other areas of the business, Finance and Administration, Purchasing, Human Resources, Product Development, Warehousing and Manufacturing have also benefited by becoming better organised, again saving both time and money.

The staff are happier so morale has improved, information is easier to access, communication is better, both internally and externally and the general quality of our business has taken a major step forward. We would absolutely recommend your services.

Stephen Jackson

Managing Director, Dickens & Hawthorne

Before I stared working with The3rdgear I didn’t really understand how to control my business properly. Since putting their business management systems in place everything runs much better, we’re making more money and I have more time to focus on the big picture and to do things that are important to me personally. I was fortunate enough to have been approached by one of The3rgdears small business consultants and I can honestly say I’ve never come across a system like it. They’ve created a brilliant system and I wholeheartedly endorse the3rdgears services.

Tim Lockrey

Managing Director, Book Group Australia

We are so much more relaxed today, the business is easier to handle and it’s much more profitable. We’ve got our weekends back and we’re just really enjoying the business now. We were referred to The3rdgear by friends who also had great results from their business consulting and we would absolutely recommend them to any business that is looking to improve their results in any area.

Rob Body

Director, Mr Catering

We’ve just received our 4th quarter figures since we started The3rdgears’ business consulting project and we have increased our turnover by 16% for that period while maintaining a steady cost base. We’re right on track to achieving our 2 year growth targets. Our day to day operations are much smoother and we’ve had some really big wins in certain areas of the business. I have more time to do the things I should be doing and everything is running much better. To be honest, as much as I wanted this to work, when we started I was pretty sceptical that anything was going to come of it. We’ve tried things like this in the past and they’ve just fizzled out or not worked for us, but this is really impressive. The business is a lot different and we can all see real improvement from The3rdgears business consulting and management systems.

Darren Andrews

Operations Manager and Directo, GB Electrical

I’ve got to say when The3rdGear approached me I was sceptical. I’ve worked with a few small business consultants and business coaches in the past and not gotten very good results, but the3rdgears approach made a lot of sense and they actually had a history of getting good results, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m glad I did.

I’ve got a whole new appreciation for my business, we’re making really good profits now, the customer feedback has been great, and I’m really enjoying the business again. I really didn’t think we’d be able to achieve such strong results in such a short period of time, especially in this economy, but the3rdgear have been amazing. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Patrick Pasfield

Owner , Newcastle Home Staging

I had no idea I could achieve so much in such a short time. When we started working with The3rdgear we had nothing, no systems, no marketing, and no real staff performance management. Everything was in my head and being managed by me. I didn’t really know what needed to be done or where to start, but The3rdgears’ small business consultants worked with me to plan everything out and then helped me to build all the systems we needed to grow the business.

As a result of our marketing and management systems we’ve been able to grow very quickly, but controllably, and we’re about to expand interstate. The3rdgears business consulting system is awesome, they’re not like normal business coaches or small business consultants because they have their own unique system that actually builds all your systems and processes into your business and makes it all work together in a really clever way. I’m really excited about our future and I think any business that has the chance to work with The3rdgear should definitely go for it.

Keith Kimmins

Managing Director, 2K Container Services

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